Happy Car

How to Be a Happy Owner

Some people believe that a happy car means a good car. They also believe that a happy owner makes for a happy ride.

But a happy owner is one who knows the joys of owning a car. In fact, the owner and the car will help each other out. To be certain, it’s a two-way street between owners and cars. And owning a happy car is as easy as letting your eyes fall on it.

To be a happy owner, you must know the proper love and care for your car. The right attitude toward your car will bring it happiness. So, first, take care of your car, in order to be a happy owner.

– Don’t drive it in circles and don’t rev it to its limits. It doesn’t have to make a “woo” sound, but it should be operating within certain parameters.

– Take good care of the inside of your car, because it’s your baby. All its life, it will stay inside your car unless you change the oil, change the spark plugs, wipe down the interior, check all its components, wash and clean the seats, dust off the engine and exterior of your car, clean and polish the mirrors, check the tires, the brake pads, the belts, the shocks, check the windows, and the dash.

You’ll have to do these checks for every year that you own your car. Or, if the car isn’t being driven often, then you might want to do them every time you drive it.

– Feel free to have fun with your car. Give it a go, or just keep it in the drive while you listen to your favorite music. Play it while you’re driving on a long trip, or while you’re in your own house.

Lastly, feel free to ask your friends for advice about how to be a happy owner. Most of them will tell you that being a happy owner starts with being positive. Being positive means loving the car, being respectful of others around you, cleaning it every day, and loving its beauty.