Keep Automobile clean

How Do I Keep Automobile Clean When Driving It?

Everyone knows the value of a well-maintained car, but how do you keep automobile clean when driving it? The reasons may differ, but it always boils down to how you drive.

If you drive slowly and carefully, then you will only be able to clean the outside of your car. However, when you speed, your car has to go through a process that not only takes away dirt and grime but also absorbs them and leaves your car looking new. On top of that, your car has to be handled with care to avoid rusting.

When you take your car to the car wash, it is going to soak up chemicals that will cause damage to your paint. Not only will it look dull, but it will cause damage that will cost you more money than the car wash charged you.

Keeping your car clean will also mean keeping the outside of it clean. When you pick your paint up, it may have to be wiped off so it will be able to sit in good condition. You should only use paint cleaners when they are recommended by the car wash, or your painting may look horrible.

After you have washed your car, you will want to start with some auto detailing. You can use an air compressor on a normal setting to gently blow off the dust and debris. You will also want to use an air conditioner to help wash off the residue and protect your paint.

If you work long hours, your carpets may be the dirtiest part of your vehicle. While you may want to vacuum them after the cleaning is done, you will also want to have a cloth on hand to give your carpets a light dusting. Also, try using a spray carpet cleaner to get the dirt out of your carpet and apply it with a rag to let it dry.

The most oily stains can often be removed using a coat of clear sealant. Make sure to do this before you start any work on your car, as some areas may not come out quite like you would like.

The best thing to do is take your car in to the office that waxes cars once a year. They will give you a professional wax job, as well as a properly cleaned car for you to drive. These professionals will be able to give you a great look at a reasonable price.